Our 4-Day Adventure Camps

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Holistic Sustainability Package

Our core comprehensive immersion experience in sustainability, for middle and high school students, accents the three primary aspects of sustainability: Personal, Social, and Ecological.  It is a big-picture educational approach, whose strength lies in its multiple interconnections between the class sessions relating to each aspect. Each individual lesson is woven together under the umbrella-theme of “What is Sustainability?”, creating a multi-level, multi-perspective exploration of one of the most important questions of our time. Students will discover how their inner lives, social patterns, and ecological skills work together to create a world of discord or a world of harmony.

It’s our “core” curriculum because it lays a broad foundation, either as a stand-alone or in combination with the others, helping youth forge their way into a capable, content, and caring adulthood. After taking our Holistic Sustainability Package, groups can return to deepen their learning in particular areas of focus that enhance their school’s standard curriculum. For example, students inspired by ecological sustainability can return to explore other courses in greater detail (e.g. native plant identification, wildcrafting medicines, ancestral skills, alternative energy technologies)

Come adventure with us into a unique, holistic approach to sustainability education!