Ancestral Skills Adventure


Where were you when the first spark of life ignited?…that spark that evolved from a single to multi-cell organism, from vertebrate to fish to amphibian to reptile to mammal to human to YOU?  Can you remember your deepest ancestral past?…can you remember the ancient tribes of wandering humans ~ the mothers and fathers of the peoples that became us all? Can you imagine the peoples and creatures that roamed the ancient forests where your school or home now lies?

Over millions of years, from deep in the jungles of Africa, our ancestors journeyed outward for thousands of miles, in separate directions, migrating far and wide across the diverse regions of Earth.   And from this, they created the countless colors, languages, worldviews, and lifestyles we express in our world today.  We’ve come from rock and stick, to bow and arrow, to guns and steel, to the complex tools of today.  But we’ve forgotten our origins.  Ancestral Skills help us begin to remember…

Ancestral Skills are the rapidly disappearing, survival-based arts of our past.  They are the indigenous crafts and pre-industrial technologies derived directly from Nature.   Skills like gathering and using native plants for food and fiber, basketry, pot making, shelter construction, and fire making don’t just keep us alive and well in the wilderness.  They reach deep into the ancient memories in our hearts and touch a shared place that is universal.  They remind us that Ancestral Skills are not only about knowledge and technique.  They are also about a deep connection to land, to self, and to the myriad living beings that we rely on with our lives.

Our Ancestral Skills Camp is a four day immersion training in the old ways.  As students join together on the land, they become villagers, tribe, and community.  Far from home, they must now rely on one another; they must teach; they must learn; they must honor one another.   Divided into clans of the four directions, student groups take on necessary duties that support the whole.   Each will be challenged to learn real skills, to trust their classmates, and to meet their personal fears with courage.  In the process, they will go on an interactive history lesson through the trials, tribulations, and endless travels of our wandering human ancestors.