Social Sustainability Adventure Curriculum

Lunchtime circle

In this educational adventure, we explore the Social Sciences through hands-on, interactive lessons in relevant social matters that students care about.  We see three main spheres of Social Sustainability for our students: family,  school, and larger community (city, nation, planet). Each of us is a member of a family, a member of a school or workplace, and a citizen in a city and a nation. In addition, in this era of instant communication across the globe, we are also each global citizens helping to create a global culture.

Social Sustainability encompasses a set of values and practices that build healthy relationships and a healthy culture. It is based on an understanding that if we don’t learn to honor our differences, trust in our friendships, express our feelings peacefully, and collaborate effectively, we can’t co-create healthy persons or a healthy environment. If includes familiar concepts such as trust building and effective teamwork, and extends out to non-violent communication, community service, forms of governance, and more.